Doble Filo Entertainment released Rhymes' new album "Killafornication"

Rhymes - Killafornication Chicano Rap

May, 8th Doble Filo Entertainment released its newest album "Killafornication" by Rhymes. Featured artists include Dye, Iambillydee, Dinero, Tiny Loko, Criminal Minded, Db and Kozme. Early March they released the first video for album called "Love Letter" featuring Dye. Just a couple of days ago the 2nd video for "Ride With Me" featuring Iambilldydee hit YouTube. To watch both visuals click on the links below. Here's a little press release I found: ""Killaforication" is an album with hard hitting bass laced up with feel good lyrics.Along with a mashup of a funky West Coast sound. There is a little bit of something for everyone in this album. I suggest you give it a chance." As usual you are able to get your digital copy from Amazon or Google Play.

01. Love Letter (feat. Dye)
02. Days Of Yesterday (feat. Dye)
03. Ride With Me (feat. Iambillydee)
04. So So Gangster
05. Cali Is Where I'm From (feat. Dinero, Tiny Loko)
06. West Coast Music (feat. Criminal Minded)
07. Back To The Momo (feat. Dinero, Db)
08. Let's Get To Fucking (feat. Dinero, Tiny Loko)
09. I Do This Everyday (feat. Criminal Minded)
10. My Business (feat. Criminal Minded)
11. Are You The One
12. Had To Write This Song
13. Never Will
14. If I Told Her (feat. Kozme)

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