Don't miss "Eye For An Eye Vol. 1" EP by Baldacci

Baldacci - Eye For An Eye Vol. 1 Chicano Rap

Already back in September did Baldacci release his latest EP called "Eye For An Eye Vol. 1". Besides the Face Of L.A you are also going to hear artists such as Bobby Castro, Misfit Soto, Peterbilt and Darryl Benedict. The EP which consists of 6 songs can be bought from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music retailers. During the summer he also released a stunning song and video called "Be Around", a sample of one of my favorite oldies "(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't To Be Right". If you haven't seen heard or seen it yet just click here.

01. Chow Time
02. Everything Is Illegal
03. It Is What It Is (feat. Bobby Castro)
04. Next Level (feat. Misfit Soto)
05. Everything To Lose (feat. Peterbilt, Darryl Benedict)
06. The Baldacci Show

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