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Weeto - Cloud Of Smoke Chicano Rap

Mid February Long Beach artist Weeto released his latest album "Cloud Of Smoke". The LP features artists such as Ronnie King, Mista Fonk, K Rider, Sinima, Ese Daz, Ze' Stone, DI' Artizt and Binky Womack. To buy the record move over to Amazon or Google Play. Thanks to Weeto himself I was able to listen to the album before the actual release and need to say that this is his best album yet. And just to let you know I've been following his career since his debut "Treez" which was released by Jonny U's Thick Skin Entertainment back in 2004.

01. Friend (feat. Ronnie King)
02. Love Crazy Thing (feat. Mista Fonk)
03. Baby Come Back [REMIX] (feat. K Rider)
04. Show You Babe (feat. Sinima)
05. Pasa La Lumbre (feat. Ese Daz, Sinima)
06. Cloud Of Smoke (feat. Ze' Stone)
07. White Wall Things
08. The Wandering One (feat. Ze' Stone)
09. Old Classy (feat. DI' Artizt)
10. Love Crazy Thing [REMIX] (feat. Binky Womack)

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