Brown Intentions album "My 40 Ounce" hit digital stores 20 years after original release

Brown Intentions - My 40 Ounce Chicano Rap

Back in the late 90s to early 2000s Oxnard based group Brown Intentions has released 3 album through Familia Records. Their debut album "My 40 Ounce" hit the streets in 1998 and was followed by "Alcoholics 11550" in 1999. In 2001 they released their last album "Night Train". Just like for many other Familia Records albums the original CDs are really hard to get these days. Right now you can buy "My 40 Ounce" for $140.75 (click here to see item), "Alcoholics 11550" for $63.49 (click here to see item) and "Night Train" for $71,99 (click here to see item) over at eBay. Don't get me wrong I'm a collector myself but that's definitely more than I'm willing to pay for any Chicano Rap album. Here comes the good news, yesterday I saw that Down had released "My 40 Ounce" to the digital world back in March. As usual you are able to get it from Amazon, Google Play and wherever digital music is sold. I have no idea if he will also rerelease the other Brown Intentions' as well as the Cowboy Stars' LPs.

01. Intro
02. Summertime [REMIX]
03. Homies In The Hood
04. I Can Make U Bounce
05. Beer B.Q
06. East In The Sky
07. Lets Get Hi
08. Running From The 1 Time
09. All Around Town
10. Tears Of An Angel
11. My 40 Ounce
12. Ho's
13. Summertime In The O.X

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