Ese Lil One brings us that pure "Gangster Funk"

Ese Lil One - Gangster Funk Chicano Rap

805 based artist Ese Lil One is back with his 3rd studio album called "Gangster Funk". Features include artists such as Diamond Ortiz, Sara S, S.S.O.L, Payaso, Loco Negro, D. Salas and more. What makes this album sepcial is that some of the songs do not feature any rapping parts at all as they are pure funk songs. The LP also includes Ese Lil One's hit single "Keeping It G" featuring Chicano Rap legend Payaso from the Dukes Click as well as Loco Negro. To watch the video click here. Overall it's a banging album which can be bought from all digital music outlets such as Amazon, iTunes or Tidal. According to Ese Lil One a limitied amount of pressed copies is supposed to be available soon. I would say the best way to find out when they are available is to get in contact with him through his official Instagram account.

01. Gangster Funk (feat. Diamond Ortiz)
02. Second Chance (feat. Maya Killtron)
03. Touch You Again (feat. B. Thompson, Sara S)
04. The DJ (feat. Winfree, Carmen Clayton)
05. Smoother (feat. Enois Scroggins)
06. Funky Nights (feat. Sara S)
07. Good Times (feat. S.S.O.L, Sara S)
08. Conversations
09. Can't Stay Away
10. Different Level
11. Get High (feat. Mr. Lento)
12. Bangin Shit
13. Back In The Days (feat. Payaso, Maldito)
14. The Weekend
15. Gangster Clicks
16. Exotik Weed (feat. D. Salas)
17. Keeping It G (feat. Loco Negro, Payaso)

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