Estilo released limited edition of "Envy & Hate" LP

Estilo - Envy & Hate Limited Edition Chicano Rap

L.A based rapper Estilo re-released his 2nd album "Envy & Hate" as a limited edition. The LP has an incredible list of features including OG Spanish Fly, Frank V, Sancho, Lil Menace, Weeto, Ese Grouch, Razer, Big Lokote and more. As a little fun fact the album also features our longtime CalifaRap Community member Milo Minderbinder as L.T. If you are interested in buying the CD you can find it on eBay or on his own website by clicking here. Both sources also include a bundle deal for the "Envy & Hate" limited edition as well as his debut album "Look At Me Now". For more information about Estilo you can also check out his official Instagram account.

01. Envy & Hate
02. In Attack (feat. OG Spanish Fly)
03. I Don't Give A Fuck (feat. Razer)
04. Kinto Sol Tattoos (In Memory Of Dream RIP) (feat. Big Lokote)
05. Dump On (feat. Razer, Big Lokote)
06. Thinking Out Loud (feat. L.T)
07. Forever (feat. Cap Nine)
08. As I Enter
09. Ese Shit (feat. Lil Menace, Deli)
10. Mission (feat. Brown Ballers, Frank V)
11. Got A Hold On Me
12. Gangster Shit Remix (feat. Sancho, Ese Grouch, Cap Nine)
13. Skit
14. What Up (feat. Weeto, Seven)
15. Me Voy Nomas No Llores (feat. El Jilguero)
16. Back Again (feat. OG Spanish Fly)
17. Freaky Skit (feat. Brown Ballers, Cap Nine)
18. Con Estilo Live (feat. Grupo Sin Miedo)

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