"Everyone's Enemy" Young Trav released new record

Young Trav - Everyone's Enemy Chicano Rap

At the beginning of February Chicano Rap regular Young Trav released his LP called "Everyone's Enemy" after taking a little break from putting out new music. The album, which was released without any real promotion, features artists such Cyco Bullet, Brotha Lynch Hung, Seldom Seen, Mr. Lil One, Mr. Shadow and Audie. I was listening to the record on Spotify the other day and need to say that "One For Me" featuring Mr. Lil One, Mr. Shadow and Audie is a really dope song. As usual in the digital era you can get your copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Intro
02. Block Shit (feat. Cyco Bullet)
03. Face Off (feat. Brotha Lynch Hung)
04. Mind Of A Sicko
05. Speakin' On Me
06. Everyone's Enemy
07. Throughout Riverside (feat. Seldom Seen)
08. One For Me (feat. Mr. Lil One, Mr. Shadow, Audie)
09. Still Here
10. That's Just Me

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