Frank V aka Proper Dos returns with "Chicano Rap's Finest"

Frank V - Chicano Rap's Finest Chicano Rap

Somestimes Chicano Rap is still a big enigma to me, or how can you explain that a true legend of the game released a new record and nobody really knows about it? Frank V aka Proper Dos did just that by releasing his new solo album "Chicano Rap's Finest" on his official website. The new LP features 14 all new songs. Features are very rare as only Mister D is featured on the track "Time Flies". Over the years I was able to listen to most of the tracks at Mister D's studio and let me tell you that this album includes some really dope cuts such as the intro track "Life Support" in which Frank V addresses the current state of Chicano Rap and his role as the doctor to save it. "Maybe" is probably one of the best Chicano Rap love songs that came out the last couple of years with one of my favorite lines: "... I ain't a millionaire, I ain't try to hide it... Now a new car, I probably can't buy... The moon, the stars, I can to provide it... But there's one thing money can't buy you... And if you got the demand, I'm the man to supply you...". Other really dope songs are "Modern Day Mobster" and "Time Flies". If you want to pick up the album click here to buy it of Frank V's website.

01. Life Support
02. Hey You
03. Life Is A Highway
04. Instrumental
05. Maybe
06. Modern Day Mobster
07. My Worst Enemy
08. They Don't Know Me
09. Ring Around The Rosie
10. This Goes Out
11. Smoke
12. U.S Blues
13. Time Flies (feat. Mister D)
14. Gate Money

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