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Knightmare - Clasico Chicano Rap

Back in October we were able to bring you an exclusive song from Knightmare's, aka Ezko, upcoming solo album "Dia De La Independencia" which is supposed to be released early next year. Now we are back with another exclusive as you are able to download his album "Clasico... Early Raps" for free right here on CalifaRap.Net. The album which won't be for sale includes old recordings Knigtmare did around the age of 17 and were found by his producer the other day. The download contains the original version or his hit song "Watch It" featuring Knightowl called "Who's Who". Features include Minded and Clepto. Here's what Knightmare himself had to say about the release: "I want to give the Rap fans some real Chicano Rap before the year ends. It's free music, that way the fans get to know a lil' about my craft and my beginnings before I met Lil One, Knightowl, Pistol Pete, Seldom seen. The quality of the recordings is not top notch... then again those were my neighborhood raps but the album is solid.". To download "Clasico... Early Raps" click here.

01. The Big One 3
02. I'll Be There (feat. Minded)
03. How Dare You
04. Hate On Me (feat. Minded)
05. Who's Who
06. Soy Tu Pesadilla
07. Aqui No Hay Amigos (feat. Clepto)
08. I Feel Sorry For You
09. Putas
10. Top Notch
11. Pretended [BONUS TRACK]
12. Someone [BONUS TRACK]

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