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Gangsta L - Money Dont Sleep 2 Chicano Rap

Yesterday marked the release of Gangsta L's new LP "Money Don't Sleep 2", the sequel to "Money Don't Sleep" which was released in 2016. To promote the project he also put out a new visiual for the song "Streets Love Nobody" which can be seen by clicking here or by clicking on the link below. Featured artists include Mr. Shadow, YBe, Young Drummer, Allen Paris, Kozme and more. If you want you can download the album for free from If you want to support Gangsta L then you are also able to buy it from all digital music stores such as Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Here's the tracklist including the whole list of features:

01. Stay Down 2 Come Up (feat. Richfvce)
02. Streets Love Nobody
03. Lavish
04. G Body [REMIX] (feat. Kozme)
05. Self Made
06. Chasing My Paper (feat. Iamchosn, Walker)
07. She Earned It (feat. Iamchosn)
08. Hustle Time (feat. Young Drummer, Iamchosn)
09. Switch Blades (feat. Iamchosn, Walker)
10. Enemigos (feat. Paul Daniel, Mr. Shadow)
11. Your Last (feat. Allen Paris)
12. Word Around Town (feat. Iamchosn, True A)
13. Deticated
14. Give It To You (feat. Ambrosia, YBe)
15. End Of Days (feat. Fingaprint, Lifestilo)
16. Officer Down (feat. Chance Amillion)

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