Godforsakes & K Fushuz released collaboration LP "The Master's Plan"

Godforsakes & K Fushuz - The Master's Plan Chicano Rap

I know we are a little bit late on this but I guess it's better late than never. Earlier this year Godforsakes and K Fushuz released their collaboration LP "The Master's Plan". Featured artists include Shady Boy, Kozme, Lil Vampz and more. An official statement about the album reads like this: "Our music is real underground positive poetry. None of that fake it till you make it stuff. If your a hard working father trying to balance real life and a dream that lives in you then this might be for you or perhaps a single mother looking for something unlike that radio rap that really makes no sense at times. I guess what i am trying to say is take a chance on some solid hip hop. Give it a listen you won't be disappointed. Thank you for taking the time appreciate it very much.". To buy the album move over to Amazon, CDBaby, Google Play or iTunes. Here's the tracklisting including the links to 5 videos they have released:

01. Stompin Intro
02. The Master's Plan
03. Sola (feat. Shady Boy, Terco)
04. Nine 2 Five
05. Educate (feat. Drasticone)
06. One 2 Ten (feat. Big Silenca)
07. Everyday (feat. Kozme)
08. No Honor (feat. Knowa Lazarus, Lil Vampz)
09. It's Never Over
10. Angel Dust
11. What We See
12. Dreamz
13. F With Me

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