Hi Power Entertainment brings you the "Sounds Of The Calles" with new compilation

VA - Sounds Of The Calles Chicano Rap

March, 8th Hi Power Entertainment released a compilation called "Sounds Of The Calles". Ever since digital music downloads and streams got more popular compilations like this have been a rare occurrence. The release features artists such as Soldier Loks, Bugzy, Boxer Loko, Big E, Ese Criminal and more. A video for Bugzy's "Do Or Die" as well as a video for Big E's "Bang Bang" can be seen by clicking on the respective link below. If you like what you hear and see you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. As a little side node, the cover somehow reminds me of the old Hi Power Entertainment compilations, a time when Chicano Rap buzzing.

01. Soldier Loks - You Know What It Is
02. Bugzy - Do Or Die
03. Boxer Loko - Narcos & Blue Raggers (feat. King Pharaoh)
04. Myster - Cali Aint Sweet
05. Big E - Bang Bang
06. Soldier Loks - Doing My Thang
07. Tattd F - Tattd 1K
08. Poison - On Me
09. Young Chach - Like Why Me
10. Ese Criminal - Bounce (feat. Lucky G)
11. Young Spooks - Still Active (Feat. Young SG, Slick)
12. Soldier Loks - Idgaf

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