"The Rise Of The Empire" by the Empire Riderz is out now

By the end of last week I posted a flyer with the release dates of the upcoming Crime Family Entertainment albums on the CalifaRap Instagram page. Today is the release date of the first album on the list called "Rise Of The Empire" by the Empire Riderz. The Empire Riderz have already released a couple of albums over the last years. If you haven't heard of them before, some of the LPs can be found online. The new record features artists such as Jokes, Oso Viscious, Blacky Montana or Oxnard Pugz. End of July they released a video for the track "In My Hood" featuring Jokes which can be seen by clicking here. A couple of days ago they also filmed a video for the song "Gangsters Hustler And Pimps" featuring Blacky Montana, so be on the lookout for that. If you want to get your digital copy you can get it from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or all other digital stores.

01. In My Hood (feat. Jokes)
02. Right One
03. Gangster Life (feat. Trey Clef, Oso Viscious, Bams)
04. This Is Murder
05. Neighborhood (feat. Seo Loc, Bams)
06. Up In These Streets (feat. Jokes)
07. Banging When 2 Pac Did It
08. Take Your Head Off
09. Fuckin With No Haters (feat. Treb Clef)
10. They Say
11. Gangsters Hustlers And Pimps (feat. Blacky Montana)
12. Just Doing Me (feat. Jokes)
13. On This Side (feat. Oxnard Pugz)
14. Dirty Streets
15. Outro (feat. Marisol)

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