Mr. Capone-E album #9 out of 12 is out now

Today Mr. Capone-E released album #9 out of 12 he will this year. The new LP which is called "Sounds Of The SouthSide... Hi Power Homies" is a compilation and no Mr. Capone-E solo album. The compilation features artists such as Mr. Capone-E himself, Tyrant, Cubs, Jay Crook, F'kum, Wicked, Enemy of Most Wanted, Rigsdog, Clownster, Ese Bandit, Oso Vicious, Ese Menace and more. Over the last couple of days Hi Power Entertainment has already released 2 videos. The first video they put out is for the song "Gardenas Best Kept Secret" by Tyrant, who is Hi Power Entertainment's latest signed arist. The second video they put out is for the song "IE Anthem" by F'kum. Barely about 60 minutes ago a 3rd video for the "Where I'm From" by Cubs hit YouTube. All 3 videos can be seen by clicking on the respective link in the tracklist. If you like what you hear you can get your "Sounds Of The SouthSide... Hi Power Homies" copy from the known online shop such as Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Tyrant (Skit)
02. Gardenas Best Kept Secret (Cypher) (feat. Tyrant)
03. Cubs (Skit)
04. Where I'm From (feat. Cubs)
05. Jay Crook (Skit)
06. Canoga (feat. Jay Crook)
07. F'kum (Skit)
08. IE Anthem (feat. F'kum)
09. Wicked (Skit)
10. Southside Worldwide (feat. Wicked)
11. Enemy Skit Rats
12. Rat Bastards (feat. Enemy, Rigsdog)
13. Clownster (Skit)
14. Crazy Life (feat. Clownster)
15. Ese Bandit (Skit)
16. Hollywood Town (feat. Ese Bandit)
17. Wreckless (Skit)
18. Gang Related (feat. Wreckless, Erok Hyper)
19. Represent Your Side
20. Enemy Skit Es
21. Big Es (feat. Enemy)
22. Cubs Freestyle (Skit)
23. Cubs Freestyle
24. Oso Vicious (Skit)
25. From The Bridge (feat. Oso Vicious)
26. Clonwster Skit 2
27. Putting It Down (feat. Clownster)
28. Ese Menace (Skit)
29. Lomero Roll Call (feat. Ese Menace)
30. Colton F'kum (Skit)
31. C-Town (feat. F'kum)

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