"City Of Gun Smoke" by Mr. Clever is out now

Santa Ana, Orange County based rapper Mr. Clever has been really busy over the last couple of years dropping album after album. One of his latest releases is his solo LP "City Of Gun Smoke" which was released by Slugg Entertainment August, 1st. The album features artists such as Organized Cartel, The Cartel Side, Spookie, Tiny and Chito Loco. You can preview the full song "Straight Banging" featuring Organized Cartel by clicking here or by clicking on the link in the tracklist. If you are interested in the album you can get your digital version from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Over there you are also able to preview or pick up all other Mr. Clever and Slugg Entertainment releases.

01. Straight Banging (feat. Organized Cartel)
02. Gang Injunction (feat. The Cartel Side)
03. Ponte Listo (feat. Spookie, Tiny, Chito Loco)
04. Live From S.A (feat. Chito Loco)
05. Cartel Side Riders (feat. The Cartel Side)
06. Problems (feat. Tiny)
07. Fuck The Law (feat. Spookie)
08. Mexican Tradition (feat. Tiny)
09. This Is My Hood (feat. Tiny)
10. Thugging Till I Die (feat. Chito)

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