The K.A.S released new single and video but has no plan to release new LP

Back in 2016 The K.A.S formerly known as Lil Kasper released a video for the song "Welcome To L.A". In case you haven't seen the video yet just click here. Since Febuary the single has also been available for purchase from all online dealers. Just a few weeks ago he released another video for the song "Like A G Ride" which is taken from his 2nd solo album "Hood Premiere", a LP which was released by SL Entertainment in 2015. Some people might still remember that SL Entertainment released a trailer for the video which was never completed back then. To watch the trailer click here. To watch the full video click here. Just a couple of days ago The K.A.S released a new single and video called "Leather & Kush" which can be seen by clicking here. If you like what you hear you can buy the track from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other online stores. The cover for the "Welcome To L.A" single says that the song is taken from the upcoming album "All Or Nothin". The other day I asked him about the record and he said that he won't release it anytime soon. For now he is supposed to release a couple of more new songs as singles. If that does always include a video for each song remains to be seen. For sure we will let you know once a new song hits the internet, so keep checking back.

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