Southland Gangsters released new album "The Next Episode"

The new Southland Gangsters album "The Next Episode" was released September, 29th. With a little delay the digital version finally hit online stores yesterday. The LP features artists such as Mister D, Hillside, Lil Saint, Enemy, Big Al, Big Lazy, Bobby Southland aka Ese Bobby, The K.A.S, O.G Triggs, Frank V, Lady Diva, Kryptonite, O.G Ese Trouble, Criz Beetz and Big Hutch aka Cold 187um. Yesterday they also released the 1st video for the track "You Know The Deal" which can be seen by clicking here or by clicking on the link in the tracklist. As far as I know they already shot a 2nd video for the song "Crime Pays" which should be out the next weeks, so be on the lookout for that as well. As usual you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or all other digital music stores. If you have trouble finding your physical copy you can get it directly from SL Entertainment over at their official eBay page by clicking here.

01. VA - West Coast Radio Intro
02. Lil Saint - It's The Real Deal (feat. Mister D, Hillside)
03. The K.A.S - Crime Pays (feat. Lil Saint, Enemy, Big Al, Mister D)
04. Hillside - So Deep In The Game (feat. Lil Saint, Mister D)
05. The K.A.S - You Know The Deal (feat. Big Al, Mister D, Hillside, Lil Saint, Big Lazy, Bobby Southland)
06. Mister D - Southland Thing (feat. Trejo, Big Lazy, Hillside)
07. Lil Saint - All I Wanna Do (feat. Hillside, The K.A.S, Big Al, Big Lazy)
08. Lil Saint - Click Clack (feat. Big Al, Bobby Southland, O.G Ese Trouble)
09. O.G Triggs - Triggs Radio
10. Lil Saint - Creeping And Crawling (feat. The K.A.S, Hillside, Mister D, Frank V)
11. Lil Saint - So Unreal (feat. Mister D, Hillside)
12. Cold 187um - I Don't Care (feat. Hillside, Lil Saint, Bobby Southland, Mister D, Breana)
13. Hillside - When I Die (feat. Big Al, Mister D)
14. Big Al - Ridin' High (feat. Bobby Southland, Hillside, Criz Beetz)
15. Big Hutch - All Day And All Night (feat. Big Hutch, Lil Saint, Hillside, Big Al)
16. Frank V - West Coast Radio Show [FREESTYLE SESSION] (feat. Kryptonite) [BONUS TRACK]
17. O.G Triggs - Southside Sureno [BONUS TRACK]
18. Lady Diva - My Intentions Are Good [BONUS TRACK]

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