Crime Family Entertainment released new Whyte Smoke album "Anxiety"

Mr. Criminal's label Crime Family Entertainment released Whyte Smoke's new album "Anxiety"about 2 weeks ago. The album which consists of 16 songs features Mr. Criminal himself, Dave Smooth, Bugsy, Crazy Boy, Diablo and Layzie Bone. Visitors that check our videos section from time to time have already seen that Whyte Smoke released 2 videos in September. First he he put out a video for a song called "Beast" which, according to the tracklist, didn't end up on the album. To watch the video click here. September 29th, the release date of the album, a 2nd video for the song "Powder Blow" hit YouTube. This time the track also ended up on the album. Click here to watch the video. As usual you are able to get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital stores. Here's the full "Anxiety" tracklist:

01. Intro
02. Come Back
03. Peace Sign
04. Hold Up (feat. Dave Smooth)
05. Powder Blow
06. Blessed
07. Rainy Sky
08. Skit
09. Crime Family (feat. Bugsy)
10. New Death Row (feat. Crazy Boy, Diablo, Mr. Criminal)
11. Put My Bitch On It
12. Sentimental
13. Get It Crakkin (feat. Layzie Bone, Mr. Criminal)
14. Empty
15. Anxiety
16. Outro

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