Dave Biggs returns with new album "After Midnight"

Some people probaby still remember Dave Biggs fomerly known as Big Dave who started his career on the Chicano Rap label Sickworld Entertainment where he also released his debut album "Livin Foul". After that he went on to release his 2nd solo album "Steel Ghetto". Dave also formed the group DownFall with Lyrik which released 2 full studio albums called "The Introduction" and "Late Night". His last solo album "The Mixx" was released in 2011. Over the years he also also been featured on a lof of releases by other artists due to his ability to sing. Now Dave Biggs is back with new solo effort called "After Midnight". The LP features Lyrik Cruz, Selo and Damon Reel. The style of the album is different from what we normally see on CalifaRap. As usual you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. When The Music Ends
02. Never Got You Back
03. I Promise
04. Come Down
05. Song Fades Out
06. Still Gotta Crush (feat. Lyrik Cruz)
07. Slow Dancing In The Storm
08. Playing Your Game
09. Best Of Me
10. There's A Song (feat. Selo, Damon Reel)

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