Ezko aka Knightmare returns to the Chicano Rap genre with new single "My Fault"

Ever since Knightmare and Knightowl released their video for the song "Watch It" back in 2011 I've been waiting for a full Knightmare Chicano Rap style album (click here to see the video). Now he, who in the meantime changed his name to Ezko and did some music with another style, is getting ready to release his album "Dia De La Independencia" early in 2018. The album which is supposed to be filled with 12 songs will have a mix of Ezko rapping in English and Spanish (Spanglish). Thanks to him we are able to bring you the audio of the album's 1st single called "Your Fault". For sure we will keep you updated about the "Dia De La Independencia" project whenever we hear something new about it.

Ezko - Your Fault

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