Chicano Rap discographies section in the CalifaRap Community keeps on growing

Back in June we reported that we had started a one of kind section in our forum, the CalifaRap Community, a Chicano Rap discographies board. Ever since the opening it has been growing and growing including discographies by artists such as: Knightowl (aka Mr. Knightowl), Malow Mac, A.L.T, Baby Jokes, Brownside, Cali Life Style (aka CLS), Central Coast Clique (aka Triple C), Ese Lil Joker, JV, Lawless, Lil Menace, Madogg, Midget Loco, Mr. Chino Grande, O.G Spanish Fly, Proper Dos, Slush The Villain, Spanish Fly Wicked from Brownside, Wreck and many more. Besides artist discographies you will also find some compilations including Familia Records' classic compilation series "Southside Rider", SL Entertainment's classic compilation series "Chicano Rap Oldies" and many more. So far the total count of included discographies is 122 which equals even more single titles. So if you are no member of our forum yet make sure to register your free account by clicking here. Once you are member you are able to enter the section and to participate by adding to the growing selection of Chicano Rap discographies. Please keep in mind that the section includes the artwork, the tracklists but no free downloads!

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