Mister D talks about latest releases and Mr. Capone-E in new and exclusive interview

Earlier this week we finally had the chance to sit down with Mister D to bring you a brand new and exclusive with the Southland Gangster himself. For sure we talk about the 2 albums which were released by SL Entertainment earlier this year. First we talk about about the long awaited collaboration LP "Real Brothers" with his brother Bobby Southland aka Ese Bobby. After that you'll get all information about the latest release "The Next Episode" which was released end of September. After focusing on the music that's already out we go on having a look at what'scoming next from SL Entertainment including a new Mister D album as well as solo releases by Hillside and Big Al. At the end of the interview we also touch the latest controversy between him and Mr. Capone-E on Instagram. As usual you can listen to the interview over in the interviews section.

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