Bay Area artist Al Gramz and High Caliber Records released "Blvd. Nights" earlier today

Earlier today Al Gramz dropped his brand new record "Blvd. Nights" through High Caliber Records. The official press release reads like this: "On "Blvd. Nights", Bay Area Latino rapper Al Gramz, revisits his Bay Area roots and teams up with Southern California's Ernie G - CEO of High Caliber Records and music pioneer from the 90's Latino rap duo Proper Dos. While Gramz was working on his craft from 2015 trying to perfect his style, "Blvd. Nights" symbolizes a coming of age for the rapper. “I came up with the title after thinking of ideas that symbolized our culture as young Chicanos growing up in California." he explains. "Boulevard Nights" is originally a crime/ drama film released in the late 70's. "It's one of the first films I watched growing up and I know a lot of us can relate to the storyline of the movie, the streets can be our playground… yet still be a battlefield". In the lead-up to 24-year-old Al Gramz' "Blvd. Nights" EP, the Bay Area rapper has shared a series of singles. "How Will I Know" found Gramz making moves from his hometown down to L.A, while he explains the amount of work he started with on "Started Wit a Zip". Additionally, audio singles "Cash Rules" and "Blvd. Nights" showcased Gramz working on the boulevard after midnight while giving you the reason why you either bang or get banged on. Executively produced by Ernie G, "Blvd. Nights" has a consistently street, laid back vibe that matches Al's smooth word play and rhythm. Al Gramz continues to work hard and is proud to release an album for the year of 2017, he also plans on networking with other Latino based artists in the near future. "Just like my first tape, it's a new year but I still got game for sale." Al says.". You can get your copy from Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

01. Started Wit A Zip (feat. Razi Real)
02. Move Mean
03. Ziploc
04. Picture Me
05. How Will I Know
06. The Tax
07. Blvd. Nights
08. Cash Rules (feat. Sumo Brix)
09. Started Wit A Zip [REMIX] (feat. Razi Real)

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