Classic Cell Block Entertainment compilation hit digital stores

13 Years after releasing the CD version of the classic Chicano Rap compilation "Cell Block Entertainment Presents... Affiliated... From The Streets To The Pin" did Cell Block Entertainment release the digital version a couple of days ago. The compilation features artists such as the CEO Wicked Willie, Sal Capone, Spanky Loco, Goblin, Seven, Mr. Capone-E, Mr. Hype, W/S Cartel and many more. Compared to the physical release the digial version is missing the song "On A Come-Up" by Mr. Capone-E featuring Mr. Criminal. As usual you are able to get your copy on Amazon and Google Play. In other Cell Block Entertainment related news don't forget to pick up Mexican Aztlan's debut album "J.A.V.I.E.R" which was released earlier this year.

01. VA - Intro
02. Wicked Willie - To Gangbang (feat. Sal Capone, Spanky Loco)
03. Goblin - In The Hood
04. Wicked Willie - Gangsters
05. Wicked Willie - Affiliated (feat. Seven)
06. Wicked Willie - Welcome To Cell Block (Prelude)
07. Wicked Willie - Cell Blocks Coming
08. Mr. Capone-E - Reality Check
09. Wicked Willie - Losing My Mind (feat. Mr. Capone-E)
10. Wicked Willie - From The Streets To The Pin (feat. Minor, Slick, Negro)
11. Big Crime - Fuck The Hard Hedz (feat. The Hard Hedz)
12. Wicked Willie - Salute To The Soldiers
13. Mr. Hype - Ryderz (feat. W/S Cartel)
14. VA - Outro (Gracias)

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