Toker and Wicked back in the studio

On Friday Toker and Wicked, 2 of the original Brownside members, were in the studio recording their 1st song together in quite some time. Ever since Toker returned to the Chicano Rap game with the double disc project "Bangin Story'z" in 2016 fans were hoping that him and Wicked would team up again. After posting live videos of them on Facebook and Instagram Toker leaked 2 snippets of the song they recorded a couple of hours ago. Click here to check out some of the videos on the official Brownside Facebook page or click here to listen to the audio on Toker's official Instagram page. Since I haven't seen the all videos in total I'm not able to tell you if they also said where this song will be featured on and if they will record more songs in the future.

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Tags: East Town Records, Brownside

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