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Chicano Rap fans on Spotify are used to C-Rap related playlists but now need to follow one more as I started one a couple of weeks ago. I've been adding songs like crazy ever since. While I'm writing this, the playlist already includes 760 songs which equals almost 50 hours of pure Chicano Rap. Featured artists include Knightowl, Wicked Minds, Wreck, Baby Wicked, Mr. Chino Grande, Charlie Row Campo, Mr. Midget Loco, Conejo, Mr. Sancho, Lil Bandit, Ms. Sancha, Ms. Krazie, Royal T, Lil Cuete, Mr. Criminal, Spanky Loco, Huero Snipes, A.L.T, Lighter Shade Of Brown, Nino Brown, Frost, SSOL, Brownside and many more. For sure I will add more songs and artists whenever I have the time to do so. For now click here to listen to it. Don't forget to hit the follow button!

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