Mr. Capone-E album #11 out of 12 is out now

Today is the release date of Mr. Capone-E's 11th studio album of the year called "New World Order... Killuminati". The only 2 features of the album are Clumsy Beatz and Flash. Hi Power Entertainment uploaded two songs of the album to their official YouTube channel which can both be listened by clicking on the respective link in the tracklist. The 1st track is called "Prop 36". The 2nd song is called "Cases" and features Clumsy Beats. Mr. Capone-E himself called this LP his "political" album which makes the song topics a little bit different from what you are used to hearing from him. If I'm not mistaking he also announced the release of a new music video either for later today or for the weekend. For now you can get your copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. New World Order (Intro)
02. Falling
03. Prop 36
04. Lier
05. Cases (feat. Clumsy Beatz)
06. Why They Call Us Thugs
07. Killuminati
08. New World Order (Interlude)
09. I Wonder Why (feat. Flash)
10. Jealousy (feat. Clumsy Beatz)
11. New World Order (Outro)

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