Da Rebal's "The Struggle" is out now

It's been about 3 years ago since we have last heard about Orange County based artist Da Rebal right here on CalifaRap when he released his smash hit "Ridin' On Crome" featuring Mr. Criminal. Now he's back with latest album/ mixtape called "The Struggle" which can be downloaded for free from datpiff.com. If you want to support him you can also buy "The Struggle" from CDBaby for now by clicking here. Here's a press release that we found: "Da Rebal is a hip hop artist that expresses himself with music. He writes about what he sees thru his own eyes and tries to give his fans the best music he can make. Da Rebal was born in Orange County, California, with his originated style that he developed thru out his own career, Da Rebal is becoming known more and more every day.".

01. Make A Difference
02. The Struggle
03. Life's No Game
04. In The Cut
05. Times Change
06. Times Change [CHOPPED & SCREWED]
07. Girl
08. Summertime
09. Life Of An Ese
10. Westside Story
11. Ima Rider
12. Rollin On Big Wheels
13. Give It All
14. Brown Crowd

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