Mr. Capone-E album #7 out of 12 is out now

Today we are able to announce that Mr. Capone-E is back with his 7th release of the year called "Just A Player". The album, which brings a sound we haven't really heard from Mr. Capone-E before, features J-One, Joe, Pranxs, Jah Free, Clumsy Beatz, J-Reyez, Flash, Tucker Lives, Miss Lady Pinks, King Trip and Roach Killa. So far no video for the LP has been released yet, but as usual you should expect at least one video for the album to be out soon. If you want to buy "Just A Player" head over to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or every other online store. As usual you can also stream the album on Spotify. In other Mr. Capone-E related news he once again teamed up with German rapper and actor Eko Fresh to bring you a new song and video which can be seen by clicking here.

01. Intro Player
02. Feel It In The Air (feat. J-One)
03. Nothing New (feat. Joe, Pranxs)
04. Knock Me Out (feat. Jah Free, Clumsy Beatz)
05. Know You Like That (feat. J-Reyez, Flash, Tucker Lives)
06. Bad Bitches
07. I Rather
08. Bitches Roll Call
09. Player For Life (feat. Miss Lady Pinks)
10. Round It Up (Clumsy Beatz)
11. Play With Them (feat. J-One, King Trip)
12. Rarri (feat. Roach Killa)
13. Player Outro
14. Bonus Player

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