Download new Baby Wicked & Wicked Babyboll album "Malvadas" for free

We haven't heard any new music from Baby Wicked since the release of her last solo album "Story Telling Part 2" in 2013. A couple of days ago a new collaboration LP with Wicked Babydoll called "Malvadas" hit the internet. Back in April they released a video for the track "Loca" featuring Gatiz which can be seen by clicking here. More videos supporting the album are supposed to be released the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye open. To download "Malvadas" for free head over to Wicked Babydoll's official website In other Baby Wicked related news we are able to report that she started her own recording studio called Monroe Recording Studio near Los Angeles. To book time you can contact Baby Wicked directly through her official Facebook or through her official Instagram.

01. Borre Cassette (feat. Bibi)
02. Boy High (feat. Bibi)
03. Controlarme (feat. Bibi)
04. El Estudio Autotune
05. El Estudio Original
06. Hustler
07. Imbecil (feat. Estilo)
08. Loca (feat. Gatiz)
09. Secreto
10. Struggling
11. The Call
12. Una Noche (feat. Estilo)
13. Ye Te Olvide (feat. Mia Diamond)

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