CalifaRap 4.0 brings you a new look and features

After some weeks of hard work on bringing you CalifaRap 4.0, the 4th design since its birth in 2004, I'm really proud to announce that its launch is officially here. If you use your mobile phone to visit CalifaRap you will like to hear that the new design is responsive, which means that it will adjust its look according to your device. Besides the new visiuals there are also some new sections and features in place. As you can see in the menu the interviews do have their own section again just like on CalifaRap 1.0 and CalifaRap 2.0. So far we have added all interviews which have been uploaded to our YouTube channel including current audio interviews, current video interviews as well as the CalifaRap Classics. As a little goody we also added our old written interviews. Chicano Rap music videos do now have their own section as well. If you click on the "Tags" item in the menu you will see a list of all keywords which are tagged to our content. Clicking on one of the keywords will display a list of all articles which are tagged with the respective keyword. Depending on if you visit CalifaRap with your regular/ tablet computer or your mobile phone there's also a box with random tags either on the right side of the content or below. It might be that there will still be some minor changes to the design within the next few weeks such as a new logo (Teknikz, where are yout at?!) or some additional features. In the meantime I hope that you enjoy the new look and features! Your feedback is highly welcome...

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