Mr. Capone-E album #4 out of 12 is out now

A couple of days ago we brought you the news update about Mr. Capone-E's March release "Narco Valley... Dirty Money Never Lasts". On Thursday Mr. Capone-E already returned with album #4 out of 12 called "A Hipower OG Smokeout". As you can guess from the album title this LP is for all the weed smokers out there and follows in the footsteps of Hi Power Entertainment's classic compilation series "Southsider Smokeout". The new album features artists such as Clumsy Beatz, Jay Crook, Los Twiinz and more. To promote the release Mr. Capone-E already released a video for the song "Get Away" featurng Los Twiinz which can be seen by clicking here. As usual you are able to get your digital copy at Amazon, iTunes or all other digital music stores or streaming platforms.

01. Intro
02. Smoking
03. Medicated
04. We Got The Best Weed (feat. Clumsy Beatz)
05. Dirt Weed (feat. Jay Crook)
06. Stay High
07. Smoke With Me
08. Inhale Exhale (feat. Clumsy Beatz)
09. HPG Smokeout (Roll Call)
10. Blaze With Me
11. Tell Me
12. Get Away (feat. Los Twiinz)
13. Outro

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Knightowl speaks about new record and more in exclusive interview

As you know Knightowl released his latest album "The Return Of The Kingpin" earlier this year. To give you an in-depth look into the record we are proud to announce that we are able to bring you an exclusive interview with Knightowl himself. For the 1st time ever we go through a whole album song by song. For each song Knightowl tells us what it means to him or how the recording process went down. If you ask me I think the only way to know more about the LP, than by listening to this interview, is by actually buying the album and listening to it. For sure you will also get to know what you can expect from Knightowl and Sawed Off Records in the future including the possible release of old songs he has with 2Pac and Eazy E. He also gives us the latest information about his long awaited "The Knightstalker" album which might be released next year. Overall it's another classic interview which you don't want to miss! To listen to it, check out our interviews section by clicking here.

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Gangster Twist released debut album "Neighborhood Watch"

As you know has M.O.B.G Entertainment been really busy so far this year by releasing the long awaited "Pactown Riders Vol. 3" compilation and Solo Sinatra's project "Cash Over Ass" in March. April, 1st they already released another LP, Gangster Twist's debut album "Neighborhood Watch". Features include Sleepy Malo, Mocci, Mr. Spown, Solo Sinatra, Rey, Spanky Loco and Multi Plier Sync.While touring Japan with Sleepy Malo, Solo Sinatra and Spanky Loco they recorded a song and video with japanese artist Multi Plier Sync. To watch the video just click here. If you like what hear and see you can get your digital copy over at Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes and all other digital retailers. Here's the "Neighborhood Watch" tracklist:

01. Neighborhood Watch (Intro)
02. Welcome To M.O.B.G (feat. Sleepy Malo)
03. Neighborhood Watch
04. Heart Of A Shark
05. My Life
06. Dark And Lonely Nights
07. Los Malos (feat. Sleepy Malo)
08. Blue Dreams (feat. Mocci, Mr. Spown, Solo Sinatra)
09. Cloud 9
10. Hustlin' (feat. Rey, Solo Sinatra)
11. Payback
13. Highway
13. Gangster's Nature
14. My Love
15. Hop In My ride
16. Logic (feat. Sleepy Malo, Solo Sinatra, Multi Plier Sync, Spanky Loco)

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Frank V aka Proper Dos returns with "Chicano Rap's Finest"

Somestimes Chicano Rap is still a big enigma to me, or how can you explain that a true legend of the game released a new record and nobody really knows about it? Frank V aka Proper Dos did just that by releasing his new solo album "Chicano Rap's Finest" on his official website. The new LP features 14 all new songs. Features are very rare as only Mister D is featured on the track "Time Flies". Over the years I was able to listen to most of the tracks at Mister D's studio and let me tell you that this album includes some really dope cuts such as the intro track "Life Support" in which Frank V addresses the current state of Chicano Rap and his role as the doctor to save it. "Maybe" is probably one of the best Chicano Rap love songs that came out the last couple of years with one of my favorite lines: "... I ain't a millionaire, I ain't try to hide it... Now a new car, I probably can't buy... The moon, the stars, I can to provide it... But there's one thing money can't buy you... And if you got the demand, I'm the man to supply you...". Other really dope songs are "Modern Day Mobster" and "Time Flies". If you want to pick up the album click here to buy it of Frank V's website.

01. Life Support
02. Hey You
03. Life Is A Highway
04. Instrumental
05. Maybe
06. Modern Day Mobster
07. My Worst Enemy
08. They Don't Know Me
09. Ring Around The Rosie
10. This Goes Out
11. Smoke
12. U.S Blues
13. Time Flies (feat. Mister D)
14. Gate Money

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Mr. Capone-E album #3 out of 12 is out now

I know I'm a little bit late but Mr. Capone-E released his 3rd release of the year March, 21st. To be honest it's not a real Mr. Capone-E solo album as it's the soundtrack for the soon to be released movie "Narco Valley... Dirty Money Never Lasts". The soundtrack does of course feature Mr. Capone-E along with Crazy Loc, Script Loc, Carolyn Rodriguez, Lazy Dubb, Frenchy Made, Miss Lady Pinks, Kokane, Compton Menace, Eastwood and more. A video for the song "Ain't Nothin'" by Lazy Dubb featuring Carolyn Rodriguez and Frenchy Made can be seen by clicking on the link in the tracklist. If you want to pick up the album you can hit up Amazon, CDBaby or iTunes. You can also already be on the lookout for album #4 "A Hi Power O.G Smokeout" which will drop April, 20th.

01. Mr. Capone-E - Thugs Mansion (feat. Crazy Loc)
02. Lazy Dubb - In My Shoes (feat. Kokane, Eastwood)
03. Frenchy Made - Dirty Laundry
04. Mr. Capone-E - Don't Sell Your Soul (feat. Script Loc)
05. Lazy Dubb - Ain't Nothin' (feat. Carolyn Rodriguez, Frenchy Made)
06. Flash - You Got The Wrong One
07. Frenchy Made - D.T.F
08. Lazy Dubb - In The Wind (feat. Compton Menace, Kokane, Eastwood)
09. Mr. Capone-E - Murder Murder
10. Frenchy Made - Numb
11. Mr. Capone-E - Don't Trust Nobody (feat. Script Loc, Miss Lady Pinks)
12. Frenchy Made - Grey Skies
13. Mr. Capone-E - Narco Valley Outro

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Steel Banging Musick's compilation "The Confidential Album" is finally out now

Exactly a week ago did Steel Banging Musick and Midget Loco release a new compilation called "The Confidential Album". The album features the current Steel Banging Musick roster including Midget Loco himself, Lil Vee, The Lils, Jay Brown, Tripper Loco, Young Brown and Lady J. Here's the official press release: "Steel Banging Musick brings you another dope group project to enjoy. You've heard of "Midget Loco Presents... Death Of Studio Gangsters" and "The Forgotten Tapes Of Steel Banging Musick". Now hear "The Confidential Album". This album has been in the making for awhile and is definitely well worth the wait. This all star team of lyrical artists bring you their best flows and their smooth styles. This team has been working hard not just in the studio but also on movies, videos and doing shows. You can see them on movies like Snoop Dogg's "Mouse Trap", Nick Cannon's "School Dance" , and "Filly Brown" . You could also see them on the latest Wiz Khalifa "Pull Up" video. SBM is definitely a music group that has become a house hold name. See this group in your town soon.". As usual you can pick it up at Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes and all other digital retailers. For more information you can also hit up the official Steel Banging Musick website, where you are also able to order your phsical copy, by clicking here.

01. Midget Loco - Smashing
02. Midget Loco - We On Fire
03. Lil Vee - Homies On The Block
04. Midget Loco - Non Believers
05. The Lils - Kern County Gangbanger
06. Midget Loco - Wake Up Call
07. Midget Loco - We The New Movement
08. Midget Loco - Bar Hopping
09. Jay Brown - Come And Rock With Me
10. Tripper Loco - I'm That Man
11. Midget Loco - What's Going On
12. Young Brown - Monday Through Sunday
13. Young Brown - Summer TIme
14. Lady J - Good Girl Gone Bad
15. Lil Vee - Beauty
16. Midget Loco - Better Check Yourself

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Solo Sinatra released new album "Cash Over Ass"

After releasing the compilation "Pactown Riders Vol. 3" a couple of days ago is M.O.B.G Entertainment already back with its next LP, Solo Sinatra's new album "Cash Over Ass". The album which is named after the infamous C.O.A Click features artists such as Siete, Ese Venom, Crazy G, Gangster Twist, Prob, Rio, Nefarious Mexica, Sleepy Malo and more. A video for the single "Bad Bitch" featuring the C.O.A Click was released earlier this month. In case you haven't seen it yet click here. To pick up "Cash Over Ass" hit up Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes or all other digital retailers. In other M.O.B.G Entertainment related news you can already be on the lookout for the next album, Gangster Twist's solo album "Neighborhood Watch", which is supposed to be out April, 1st.

01. Marshall Law Intro
02. Washed Up (feat. Ese Venom, Crazy G)
03. Problems (feat. Ese Venom)
04. It's A M.O.B.G Thang Baby (feat. Gangster Twist, Prob)
05. On My Own (feat. Gangster Twist, Cos, Knocturnal)
06. Tierra Caliente (feat. Rio)
07. Bad Bitch (feat. C.O.A Click)
08. Get Away (feat. Jessa Calderon)
09. Alone
10. Un Razon (feat. Prob, Gangster Twist, Nefarious Mexica)
11. Bad Girl
12. Bane And Agony (feat. C.O.A Click)
13. Timeless
14. It's Over (feat. C.O.A Click, Ese Venom)
15. Flatline (feat. Siete)
16. Gang Related
17. Trumpets (feat. Artimus Prime)
18. G Party (feat. Ese Venom, Sleepy Malo, Prob)

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M.O.B.G Entertainment's latest LP "Pactown Riders Vol. 3" is out now

In 2012 M.O.B.G Entertainment released its debut album "Pactown Riders Vol. 2". Earlier this week the long-awaited "Pactown Riders Vol. 3" project finally saw the light of the day. The compilation features all new songs from artists such as Sleepy Malo, Spanky Spank-A-Hoe, Solo, Ace, Conejo, Gangster Twist, Nefarious Mexica, Venom and more. The LP also features Sleepy Malo's latest hit single "Pacoima CA" which was heard on Mister D's "West Coast Radio Show" on Koko 94.3. We have no information about if there will be pressed copies available or not. For now you can pick up your digital copy from Amazon or CDBaby by clicking on the links. Here's the full "Pactown Riders Vol. 3" tracklist and feature list:

01. Sleepy Malo - Intro
02. Sleepy Malo - Balling (feat. Solo, Ace)
03. Sleepy Malo - Aquaman
04. Spanky-Spank-A-Hoe - Tell Them Where You From
05. Venom - Barrel To Your Face (feat. Suspect, Chico)
06. Conejo - Lay Low
07. Nefarious Mexica - Why Must I
08. Vic The Grinch - Ring Around The Rosie's
09. Sleepy Malo - Pacoima CA
10. MC Jollo - Anybody Killa
11. Crazy G - Born And Raied
12. Nefarious Mexica - Backyard Volo
13. Sleepy Malo - This Is MOBG Ace
14. Gangster Twist - City Of Gs
15. Crazy G - Money Over Here
16. Sleepy Malo - Where You From (feat. Gangster Twist, Nefarious Mexica)
17. Conejo - This Is C Rock
18. Pnut - All Day Every Day
19. Conejo - If Only You Knew
20. Sleepy Malo - Same Game [REMIX]
21. Sleepy Malo - Outro

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Part 1 of exclusive interview with Dominator from the Central Coast Clique

Today we are able to present you our first ever interview with Chicano Rap legend Dominator from the Central Coast Clique (Triple C). To be exact this is part 1 of the interview as there are to many topics we have to talk about that the interview would be to long otherwise. This time Dominator sat down with us to talk the early days of his career including how he started rapping and how he started producing. Of course you also get all the information about the classic Central Coast Clique releases such as "Here Comes The Triple C", "Tha Mastapiece" and "Unutha Way". Other albums that are getting touched include Crazy Boy's "Blue Reign" as well as Dominator's only solo album "Love It Or Hate It". If you ask me the stories that Dominator has to tell about the different albums and songs are really interesting, so don't miss this dope interview! As usual you are able to listen to the interview in our interviews section by clicking here.

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New compilation "Selo Presents... Late Night Requests" came out last month

About a month ago Selo released a brand new compilation called "Selo Presents... Late Night Requests". The official press release reads as follows: "Selo Presents "Late Night Requests" includes 19 of the hottest love jams for 2017. This CD includes the smash singles "Baby I Love You" (Selo, Lil Cuete & Bizz), "Pieces" (Brown Boy, Big Gemini, Zig Zag of NB Ridaz & Clint Gamboa) and "Playgirl" (Nino Brown & Melvin Riley). This CD features artists: NB Ridaz, Lil Cuete, Brown Boy, Lil Bandit, Big Gemini, Nino Brown, Malow Mac, Syphon, Bizz, D. Salas, Sykk 1, Melvin Riley, Mob Fam, Nikki Diaz, Melissa Lujan, Dave Biggs, Ajay, Kinkiz and more!". Here's the full "Late Night Requests" tracklist and feature list:

01. Selo - Baby I Love You (feat. Lil Cuete, Bizz)
02. Brown Boy - Kick It (feat. Simes Carter, Melissa Lujan)
03. Big Dave - Crush (feat. Brian Fong)
04. Ajay - Love Hard
05. Selo - Guilty (feat. Philip Michael)
06. Mob Fam - Bedroom (feat. Celeste)
07. Selo - Feelin' I Feel (feat. Lil Bandit, D. Salas)
08. Zig Zag - Call Me (feat. Selo, Mob Fam, Meg'n)
09. Nino Brown - I Can't Wait (feat. Leah Renee)
10. Zig Zag - Mrs. Right (feat. C-Note)
11. Selo - With You (feat. Dos, Nikki Diaz)
12. Malow Mac - We Ride (feat. Kinkiz, Selo, Meg'n)
13. Sykk 1 - Forever
14. Nino Brown - Playgirl (feat. Melvin Riley)
15. Brown Boy - Pieces (feat. Big Gemini, Zig Zag, Clint Gamboa)
16. Selo - I Can't Believe It (feat. NB Ridaz, D. Salas)
17. Kinkiz - I Can Make You Go (feat. D. Salas)
18. Meg'n - Give It To Me (feat. Selo)
19. Syphon - She Loves Me Not (feat. Ajay)

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LaLa Romero finally revealed her full "Palm Tree Dreams"

Some of you might still remember that Lala Romero released 3 music videos back in 2016. The songs she shot the videos for are all featured on her latest LP "Palm Tree Dreams" which was released a couple of days. If you haven't seen the videos for "Palm Tree Dreams", "Potential" or "God Forgive Me" yet, you can just click on the links below. As a little present to all her fans you can listen to the whole LP for free on her official Soundcloud page by clicking here. To download "Palm Tree Dreams" you can hit up all digital stores such as Amazon or iTunes. Interestingly there are only 2 features on the record including King Lil G and Reverie. Pressed copies are available on Here's the "Palm Tree Dreams":

01. Palm Tree Dreams
02. Potential
03. Crash
04. Cry Baby
05. Who's Playing Who
06. God Forgive Me
07. Hennessey & Regret
08. Back In The Day
09. Angels In The City (feat. King Lil G, Reverie)
10. Bullets
11. After Laughter

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Mr. Capone-E album #2 out of 12 is out now

After releasing "Jackin Your Beats" in January is Mr. Capone-E already back with album #2 out of 12 called "Gangster Love". The LP which is only available digital hit online stores such as Amazon or iTunes this Friday. Features include J-Reyes, Miss Lady Pinks and Magic Girl who was recently signed to Hi Power Entertainment. Earlier this month Mr. Capone-E already released a video for the song "I'm Sorry" which features Magic Girl. To watch the video just click here or on the link below. I wouldn't be susprised if he will release one more video the next days to promote the release, so keep an eye open. Don't forget that album #3, the soundtrack for the movie "Narco Valley... Dirty Money", is already lined up for a March release as well!

01. Intro
02. Show Me That You Real
03. I Just Wanna Know Your Name
04. I'm Sorry (feat. Magic Girl)
05. Without Your Love
06. It Really Don't Matter
07. Ride Or Die (feat. J-Reyez, Miss Lady Pinks)
08. Vibe With You
09. Let's Just Get Away (feat. Magic Girl)
10. Hold It Against Me
11. I Know Your Real
12. Dedicated To You
13. Outro

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New Dominator single "Love Rejection" hit digital stores

It has been quite some time since we have last heard new music from Central Coast Clique member Dominator. Almost 2 years ago he released a video directed by Mr. Criminal for his single "Sunday Love". Click here to watch the video if you haven't seen it yet. Over the last couple of years he has also kept himself busy producing and rapping on quite a lot of Mr. Criminal songs which have been featured on Mr. Criminal's latest albums. Yesterday Dominator returned as a solo artist with his latest single, the funk jam "Love Rejection". To buy the song over at Amazon just click on the link. People that follow his official Instagram account know that he has been doing more funk songs lately. If and when he will release his next full solo album remains to be seen. For sure we will keep you updated...

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Doble Filo Entertainment released "California Love Part II" on Valentines Day

Back in August last year Doble Filo Entertainment released Dinero's latest solo album "West Representer". Now they are back with an all new compilation called "California Love Part II" which was released right on Valentines Day. The LP features the whole Doble Filo Entertainment roster including Dinero, Mr. Trippalot, Criminal Minded, Tiny Loko, Rhymes, Risky, Trouble, Shifty as well as additional appearances by Kozme, Mateo and Dave Biggs. So far we have no information about if there will be pressed copies or not. However you can pick up the digital version online at Amazon, iTunes and all other digital retailers. For more information you can also hit up their official website by clicking here.

01. Dinero - That's My Girl (feat. Shifty)
02. Mr. Trippalot - Crazy About You (feat. Shifty)
03. Criminal Minded - I Don't Want To Be Your Man (feat. Kozme)
04. Tiny Loko - Move On
05. Rhymes - Are You The One
06. Dinero - Girl Next Door (feat. Demo)
07. Tiny Loko - I Just Want To Fuck With You (feat. Mateo)
08. Dinero - How She Makes Me Feel (feat. Tiny Loko)
09. Criminal Minded - If You Want It Girl (feat. Tiny Loko)
10. Risky - Not Like Mine
11. Dinero - Cali Smoking (feat. Diamyn)
12. Criminal Minded - Cherry Bomb (feat. Dave Biggs)
13. Troublez - Can't Let You Go (feat. Shifty)
14. Tiny Loko - Dilemma (feat. Kozme)
15. Dinero - Don't Waste My Time (feat. Shifty)
16. Tiny Loko - Im' A Stay The Same (feat. Shifty)
17. Troublez - She Makes Me Loose My Mind (feat. Kozme)
18. Dinero - Been Through It All

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Mr. Criminal released new album "Palm Trees & Sunsets" and teams up with Lil Cuete

People that follow Mr. Criminal's as well as our social media accounts already know that Mr. Criminal started his own record label Crime Family Entertainment. To get his label going he released a brand new solo album "Palm Trees & Sunsets" despite releasing his 2016 album "L.W.A" barely 3 months ago. The new album features G Perico, the Crime Family and more. So far we have no information about if there will be pressed copies of the release or not. For now you can pick up the digital version online at Amazon or iTunes. In other news Mr. Criminal also announced that he's back in the studio with Lil Cuete after not working with for some years. Let's be on the lookout what else will be released by Crime Family Entertainment in 2017!

01. Intro
02. Palm Trees And Sunsets
03. Talking About They Gangsta
04. From The Land Of Bandanas
05. Mandatory
06. Gangsta Shit Guaranteed
07. Ghetto Fairytale
08. Grimmis 400 Call
09. Out To Get Paid
10. Somethings Wrong With You
11. Crime Family Rollcall
12. 90's Music
13. From The West Point Of View
14. Based On A True Story
15. Crime Family 2017 Outro

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