Introducing Echo Park artist Jo-Ski

Jo-Ski Chicano Rap

About 2 years ago I first heard about Echo Park based artist Jo-Ski who has released 2 albums so far. His 1st album "Tha Struggle" was released in 2005 and followed by his sophomore LP "Brown Phobia" in 2006. It took me some time to locate at least "Tha Struggle" on eBay but wasn't able to find "Brown Phobia" for a reasonable price. Thanks to his daughter I linked up with him on Instagram and asked him if he still sells copies of his albums. Luckily he still does, and so I was able to finally get my physical copy of the missing record. If you are interested in buying his music get at him by clicking here. He also told me that he has been featured on the Proper Dos song "Fifty Pour". Due to legal issues he went with the name Loco Joe.

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