Introducing the newest Southland Gangster Big Al

Big Al Chicano Rap

After being featured on Mister D's and Ese Bobby's collaboration LP "Real Brothers" as well as being featured on the latest SL Entertainment release "The Next Episode" is Big Al, the newest Southland Gangster, getting ready to release his 1st solo album. The last couple of days he posted 2 possible covers of the album with two different titles on his official Instagram account. Right now it looks like the album will be called either "Aztec Legend" or "West Side Story". On YouTube you are able to find 2 music videos by Big Al, one which is introducing him rapping over an old school sample and one for the song "West Coast Here" featuring Chino 40. Besides the music videos you can also find a video interview with him over at the official SL Entertainment YouTube page by clicking here.

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