Jasper Loco released new mixtape "Lifestyles Of The Hood And Dangerous"

Jasper Loco - Lifestyles Of The Hood And Dangerous Chicano Rap

Without much noise did Jasper Loco release a brand new mixtape called "Lifestyles Of The Hood And Dangerous" a couple of weeks ago. The mixtape actually caught my attention after it was posted on Instagram by one of our CalifaRap Community members. When I saw I immediately tried to find the digital version but had no luck. Later I was told by the CEO of Urban Kings Music Group that there are only physical copies available. "Lifestyles Of The Hood And Dangerous" features Money Bag, O.G Joker, Bozo, Nick Rose, Wise Guy, Billy Dee, Bigg Bandit, Ricky West and Stomper CPT. You can preview all songs over at the official Urban Kings YouTube channel. If you like what you hear you can order your copy by clicking here.

01. Take No Losses (feat. Money Bag)
02. Did You Hustle Today (feat. Money Bag)
03. Don't Front (feat. Money Bag)
04. Dirty Money (feat. Money Bag)
05. Eastside Crusing (feat. Money Bag, O.G Joker)
06. It's Necessary (feat. Money Bag, Bozo)
07. Mile High (feat. Nick Rose, Money Bag)
08. Lifestyles Of The Hood And Dangerous (feat. Money Bag)
09. Murder She Wrote (feat. Money Bag)
10. Don't Disturb (feat. Wise Guy)
11. You Bad (feat. Nick Rose, Billy Dee)
12. Get Your Money (feat. Bigg Bandit, Money Bag)
13. Old School (feat. Ricky West, Stomper CPT)

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