Joe Serious released collection of old songs on "The Hood Star"

Joe Serious - The Hood Star... The Best Of Joe Serious Chicano Rap

East L.A artist (Big) Joe Serious released his album "The Hood Star... The Best Of Joe Serious" right at the beginning for the year. The LP contains songs from his previous albums "Power Of The Tongue" as well as "King Of The West" (which was also released by High Rollesr Entertaiment as "Serious Business"). Features include Sara S, Qluso, Dominator and Forensic. If you want to buy the digital version move over to Amazon, iTunes or Tidal. At the end of 2020 he also released a video for his latest single "Heart Of A Hustler" which can be seen by clicking here. For more information about Joe Serious you can also check his official website

01. Power Of The Tongue
02. Rhymes Of Fury
03. Spittin' Bullets (feat. Big Qluso)
04. Out Of Control
05. Serious Times (feat. Sara S)
06. Demons Of Disciples
07. King Of The West
08. Afro Mex
09. Love To Hate Me (feat. Sara S)
10. Groove Getaway (feat. Dominator)
11. I'm Doing It Bigg
12. The East L.A Kid
13. Gangsters Playground (feat. Forensic)
14. The Wind Whispers
15. Baby Be Ready

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