King Lil G paints the city blue

King Lil G - Paint The City Blue Chicano Rap

At the moment King Lil G, who started his career as Lil Gangster on Youngster's Down 4 My Shit Records years ago, is probably Chicano Rap's most successful artist. March, 9th he released his latest album called "Paint The City Blue". Featured artists include Krypto, B-Real, eMC and more. A couple of days ago he released a video for the song "This Nox" featuring Self Provoked and eMC which can be seen by clicking here or by clicking on the link below. As usual you can get your digital version from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and wherever digital music is sold.

01. Paint The City Blue (Intro)
02. Capital G
03. Fifth Of May
04. What's The Difference (feat. Krypto)
05. Phone Tap$
06. Blue Apts (feat. TeeFlii)
07. Juliette (feat. K.O, Fresh)
08. Sippin' Ace (feat. B-Real)
09. En La Cuadra (feat. Gera MX)
10. $werve (feat. K.O, Fresh, Hi Tone)
11. This Nox (feat. Self Provoked, eMC)
12. Lighters

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