Knightmare finally released long awaited solo album

Knightmare - En Dia De La Independencia Chicano Rap

Knightmare aka Ezko finally released his long awaited album "En - Dia De La Independencia" which was originally supposed to be released early 2018. The LP features Kozme, YK1, Kiki Romero, Seldom Seen and Aminata. Two of the producers that worked on the project are VMF and TKP. Back in 2017 we premiered a song from the album called "Your Fault". To listen to it just click here. If you like what you hear you can get the physical version directly from Knightmare by sending him a message on Instagram as well as from Norwalk Records or from Eazy Toyz in Chula Vista. So far there's no digital version but the album is supposed to hit digital stores late October, so keep an eye open.

01. Intro
02. Where I Belong (feat. Kozme)
03. Your Fault
04. Tratando
05. El Padrino (feat. YK1)
06. My Time
07. Dia De La Independencia (feat. YK1)
08. In The Shadow
09. All Or Nothing
10. Hollywood (feat. Kiki Romero, Seldom Seen)
11. Quiero
12. Im Here To Stay
13. Brightet Day (feat. Aminata)

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