Knightowl speaks about new record and more in exclusive interview

Knightowl Chicano Rap

As you know Knightowl released his latest album "The Return Of The Kingpin" earlier this year. To give you an in-depth look into the record we are proud to announce that we are able to bring you an exclusive interview with Knightowl himself. For the 1st time ever we go through a whole album song by song. For each song Knightowl tells us what it means to him or how the recording process went down. If you ask me I think the only way to know more about the LP, than by listening to this interview, is by actually buying the album and listening to it. For sure you will also get to know what you can expect from Knightowl and Sawed Off Records in the future including the possible release of old songs he has with 2Pac and Eazy E. He also gives us the latest information about his long awaited "The Knightstalker" album which might be released next year. Overall it's another classic interview which you don't want to miss! To listen to it, check out our interviews section by clicking here.

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