Krazy Race's "Greatest Hits" project is out now

Krazy Race - Greatest Hits Chicano Rap

After being part of the L.A Hip Hop scene for more than 15 years Krazy Race is entitled to release his "Greatest Hits" project. The CD consists of 20 songs featuring artists such as Kam, Sick Jacken, Smokey Rob, 2Mex, or Capital I-Man. A limited vinyl version which will be out late September or early October is going to feature 13 songs. A digital version is not available. If you want to buy it you have to buy it directly from Realizm Rekords. A promotional video can be seen by clicking here. Below you are going to find links to videos he shot for songs that made it on the "Greatest Hits".

01. City Of Angels
02. True Story
03. Hole In His Soul
04. Street Life (feat. Kam)
05. Do U (feat. Sick Jacken, Smokey Rob)
06. Street Renegade
07. Fire (feat. 2Mex, Jizzm High Definition)
08. Murder Fest (feat. Capitol I-Man)
09. The Movement
10. The Last Hour (feat. Global City)
11. Dedicated
12. I Do
13. Chemtrails
14. I've Been Known
15. Live & Learn (feat. Rakaa)
16. Together We Shine
17. The Culture (feat. DJ Dramadik)
18. Operation Lockdown [BONUS TRACK]
19. Tell It Like It Is (feat. Dom Ramirez) [BONUS TRACK]
20. Keep Pushing (feat. Ekuip One, Mesidge) [BONUS TRACK]

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