Kronicly Connected Entertainment revealed Kalifa Chief's untold story

Kalifa Chief - My Untold Story Chicano Rap

Already a couple of weeks ago "My Untold Story" by Kalifa Chief was released through Kronicly Connected Entertainment. People might still remember him under the name Young Spanks which he used when he released his debut album "The Town I Live In" on Underworld 805 Records all the way back in 2003. Unfortunately he had to leave to early as he was killed in in 2015. The new LP features artists such as Dizzy Loc, Sneeky Loko, D. Salas, Ghost Realm, The Lils and many more. As usual these days you are able to get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or wherever digital music is sold. If you are interesed in a pressed copy hit up Sneeky Loko on his Instagram page by clicking here.

01. I'm A Hood Boy Pt. 2 (feat. Dizzy Loc, Sneeky Loko, Lil Blue, Baby Bud, Ese Viper, D. Salas)
02. Better Days (feat. Ghost Realm, Sneeky Loko, Dizzy Loc, D. Salas)
03. Blowin' Herb (feat. Ghost Realm, Dizzy Loc)
04. Hood Raised (feat. Ghost Realm)
05. I'm A Rider (feat. Dizzy Loc, Sneeky Loko, The Lils)
06. Born To Ride (feat. Sneeky Loko, Dizzy Loc)
07. If I'm Wrong (feat. Ghost Realm, Dizzy Loc, Sneeky Loko)
08. Can't Break Us
09. Marijuano Muskc (feat. Sneeky Loko, Dizzy Loc, Ghost Realm, Mister Teaze)
10. Bounce And Shake That Boom (feat. Ghost Realm, Dizzy Loc, Sneeky Loko)
11. Do You Wanna Ride (feat. Ghost Realm, Sneeky Loko, Popeye)
12. All It Takes Is Time (feat. J. Melody)
13. Billionaire Como El Chapo

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