Lari The G's new album "West Coast Bizness" brings you just that

Lari The G - West Coast Bizness Chicano Rap

Orange County based artist Lari The G released his new solo album "West Coast Bizness" mid July. Features include Jazz, Jay R, Scrizzy Santana and DV. Despite releasing a couple of videos over the last couple of months no video for a song from the new album has been released yet (at least if I'm not mistaken). I hope that he will release at leat one visual for it soon since I need to say that the LP is really dope. The title "West Cost Bizness" sets the tone as it's filled with nothing but old fashioned West Coast bangers. If you want to buy the record move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. G Boogy (Gangsta Boogy)
02. West Coast Bizness
03. Cold Hearted (feat. Jazz)
04. Day Ones (feat. Jay R, Scrizzy Santana)
05. Let's Get It
06. Blink Of An Eye
07. Mama (feat. Scrizzy Santana)
08. California Sunshine (feat. Jazz)
09. Let's Get High (feat. DV & Jazz)
10. Click Clack Bang

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