Lil Chino's dope solo debut "Smooth Stylez Of Life" is out now

Lil Chino - Smooth Stylez Of Life Chicano Rap

Ever since S.S.O.L member Lil Chino announced that he's going to release his 1st solo album I've been waiting for it. The wait is finally over as the album, which is called "Smooth Stylez Of Life", is out now. Features include Sara Shine, Lil Vandal, Two-J, Mr. Criminal, DJ Chulo and Phonk Gee. The official press release reads like this: ""Smooth Stylez Of Life" is the debut solo album of Lil Chino of S.S.O.L. Bringing the same 805 vibes as any other of S.S.O.L album, perfect for a midnight cruise or a Sunday bbq. "Smooth Stylez Of Life" will have your speakers bumping and your head nodding from start to finish.". I bought it earlier and need to say that it's a really good record bringing you nothing but the true 805 sound. The digital version can be bought from Amazon, CDBaby or Google Play. For the physical version you can move to CDBaby as well or hit up Lil Chino through his official Instagram account.

01. The Letter (feat. Sara Shine)
02. Chevy Bow Tie (feat. Lil Vandal)
03. 805 Style (feat. Lil Vandal, Two-J)
04. West Side (feat. Lil Vandal, Mr. Criminal)
05. Pais De Suenos
06. Not Enough
07. Feeling Fine (feat. Sara Shine, Lil Vandal)
08. Move With You (feat. DJ Chulo)
09. The Circle
10. Old School Music (feat. Phonk Gee)
11. Loyal (feat. Sara Shine)
12. Summer Time
13. Krazy (feat. Lil Vandal)

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