Lil Cuete signed to BTB Music Group and released a 3 part video interview

Lil Cuete Chicano Rap

Earlier this year pictures of Lil Cuete and Mr. Criminal working together made the impression that Lil Cuete might sign with Mr. Criminal's 2017 formed label Crime Family Entertainment. Now we are able to report that Lil Cuete signed to also newly formed label BTB Music Group (where the abbreviation "BTB" stands for "Beyond The Block"). A couple of days ago BTB Music Group released a 3 part video interview which can be seen by clicking here. According to my information Lil Cuete is set to release an EP soon. For more information about the BTB Music Group you can check their official website or their official Instagram account by clicking here. For sure I will let you know more about Lil Cuete's upcoming music once the information is available to me.

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