Lil G released compilation "Lil G Presents... Street Hustlers"

VA - Lil G Presents... Street Hustlers Chicano Rap

Already a couple of weeks ago did former Hi Power Entertainment recording artist Lil G release a new compilation called "Lil G Presents... Street Hustlers". Besides Lil G himself other artists include Sonek, Spree, Toons, Brown King, Big Karas, Vagabundo, Chuck Dez, Wolfie and Vince Master. If I'm not mistaking 3 videos are available to watch. All of them are linked below. If you like what you hear and see you can get your digital copy from the known dealers Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. If you prefer a physical copy you can get it from Lil G directly by sending him a message on Instagram.

01. Different Stilo Roll Call
02. Street Hustlers (feat. Sonek, Lil G)
03. Back To The Trap (feat. Spree, Toons)
04. We Cruising (feat. Brown King)
05. Take Your Bitch (feat. Sonek, Lil G)
06. Beat The Pussy (feat. Big Karas)
07. 100
08. Ya Llego (feat. Vagabundo)
09. Who I Am (feat. Chuck Dez)
10. Estillo (feat. Street Soldiers)
11. Fuck With A Hustler (feat. Spree, Lil G)
12. Guess Who's Back (feat. Lil G)
13. Califaros (feat. Toons, Lil G)
14. Concrete Jungle (feat. Wolfie)
15. Keep It G (feat. Lil G)
16. Bust It Out (feat. Vince Master)

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