Lil Sicko released "80's Baby" LP

Lil Sicko - 80's Baby Chicano Rap

Lil Sicko is keeping himself busy working on and actually releasing new music. This time he's back with his latest LP "80's Baby" which was released August, 23rd. Features include Doll-E Girl, Mister One, Swifty Blue, Ogami, Too3, Yung Jewl$ and more. Unlike with his last albums he also promoted the LP by putting out a video for the song "I Can't Breath" which can be seen by clicking here. If you like what you hear and see you can buy the digital version of the record from the known stores such as Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't his last album for 2020...

01. From The Bottom (feat. Too3)
02. All Gas No Breaks (feat. Nocap909)
03. For My O.G'z
04. I Can't Breath
05. Came A Long Way (feat. Yung Jewl$)
06. MAke It (feat. Too3, Yung Jewl$)
07. G'z In The Hood (feat. Swifty Blue, Too3)
08. See The Difference (feat. Swifty Blue)
09. Left Behind (feat. Swifty Blue, Yung Jewl$)
10. Stay High (feat. Doeboi909)
11. Ups And The Downs (feat. Swifty Blue)
12. Been In The Game (feat. Doll-E Girl)
13. Held It Down (feat. Jung Jewl$)
14. No Matter (feat. Mister One)
15. Dangerous (feat. Ogami, Infinite Tgm)

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