Lil Sicko released "Savage Life" without any promotion

Lil Sicko - Savage Life Chicano Rap

One of Chicano Rap's "problems" is the lack of promotion certain releases receive and Lil Sicko's "Savage Life" is a good example for that. By coincidence I saw it on Spotify not long ago despite being released in the 4th quarter of 2019. The LP features artists such as Fern, Python, Young Travm Uno 420, Mak, Confidence, Sinek, Lil Blacky and Dat Boi T. The album which consists of 10 songs can be be bought from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. When I stumbled across "Savage Life" I saw that he also released another record called "Stakin A Grip" but we'll get into detail about this the next days...

01. Back At It (feat. Fern)
02. Free The Solid (feat. Python)
03. Why You Mad? (feat. Young Trav)
04. City Streets (feat. Uno 420)
05. My Musick (feat. Mak, Confidence)
06. Walk Away (feat. Sinek)
07. Come Through (feat. Lil Blacky)
08. Been Through A Lot
09. On The Line (feat. Sinek)
10. All My Life (feat. Dat Boi T)

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