Lil Wicked found "The Lost Tapes" and released them

Lil Wicked - The Lost Tapes Chicano Rap

We haven't heard from Orange County veteran Lil Wicked for some time on CalifaRap but now he's back with newest release "The Lost Tapes". The new LP which consists of 18 songs features artists such as Uno, Sinek, Ese Grouch, Westside Cartel, MC Magic, Dat Raskal, Samantha Latino, Sara Shine, SSOL, Crazy Boy, Mr. Sancho, Y-Be, Lyrical, DJ Ak, Lil Bandit and more. I listened to the record a couple of days ago and let me tell it's good that "The Lost Tapes" aren't exactly just yet. The album comes with some good music which you shouldn't miss out on. To buy it move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Westside (feat. Uno)
02. Game Over (feat. Sinek)
03. On My Mind (feat. Ese Grouch, Westside Cartel)
04. Come & Take A Ride (feat. Dice Loks, MC Magic)
05. Take A Walk (feat. Dat Raskal, Dice Loks, Samantha Latino)
06. We Can Make It (feat. Sara Shine, SSOL)
07. I Want To Be Down (feat. Dice)
08. No Love (feat. Crazy Boy, Derty B)
09. Make Them Bounce (feat. Ese Grouch, Mr. Sancho)
10. California Living (feat. Ese Grouch, Dat Raskal)
11. Cash On My Mind
13. Come Up (feat. Dat Raskal, YaBoy Ceez)
14. Always Ready To Ride (feat. Y-Be, Lil Weapon, Lyrical, Westside Cartel)
15. G'z (feat. Casual, Dat Raskal, DJ Ak)
16. Tell Me Why (feat. Lil Bandit)
17. Gloves Podcast
18. Italia 2 OC (feat. Westside Cartel, Italianos Intocables)

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