Loco Negro keeps coming with heat in 2018

Loco Negro - Validated Chicano Rap

After releasing his solo album "The Lost Tapes Pt. 2" and after releasing a collaboration LP with Bozo called "BAM" is Loco Negro already back with his "Validated", his 3rd title for 2018. The LP which was released by High Caliber Records features Geneses, Sporty Loco and Frisco Cook. Loco Negro says about the album: "Tthis album is a reflection of my life in the past recent years in southern Los Angeles. Honestly written, detrimental and raw.". Earlier today I was skipping through the record on Spotify and need so say that it has some banging songs. As usual you are able to buy the digital version from Amazon, CDBaby, Google Play or iTunes by clicking on the respective link.

01. Gettin' Good (feat. Geneses)
02. Redemption
03. WTF
04. Role Model (feat. Geneses, Sporty Loco)
05. Mexicano
06. Actin' Like A Puto (feat. Frisco Cook)
07. Purple Lipstick
08. R.I.P Yesterday
09. Smoke Bubbles

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