Loco Negro's EP "Madera Buena" is out now

Loco Negro - Madera Buena Chicano Rap

Loco Negro released a brand new EP called "Madera Buena" already a couple of days ago. The album which consists of 7 all new songs features Krooks The Felon, Mr. Shadow, Ojay The Great, Robbs The One, Misfit Soto, Wednesday Adams and Bozo. I listened to the record the other day and need to say that it's another solid release from Loco Negro. My favorite song is the Ernie G produced but "In The Streets" featuring Robbs The One. I think I don't have to tell you that you can buy "Madera Buena" from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music stores.

01. Madera Buena
02. Danger-Us (feat. Krooks The Felon, Mr. Shadow, Ojay The Great)
03. In These Streets (feat. Robbs The One)
04. Money 4 Nuthin
05. Aint Gotta Try Hard (feat. Misfit Soto)
06. Im Gone (feat. Wednesday Adams)
07. Immortalized (feat. Bozo)

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